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Furniture CleaningCozy Up To A Comfortable Clean.

You trust Stanley Steemer to clean your carpet. Why not trust us for furniture and upholstery cleaning as well? Your furniture is one of the biggest investments in your home. You’ve taken care to choose fabrics and designs that reflect your personality and your style. Your furniture is literally is there to comfort and support you at the end of a long day.


But over time, dirt, allergens, dust mites and food and other stains can dull and detract from the inviting look and feel of your upholstered furniture. Even worse dirt and other pollutants work their way deep down into the upholstery to shorten the life of your furniture. As your furniture dulls, the love you had for it the day you bought it loses its luster too.


Don’t buy new! Rejuvenate, brighten and transform your upholstery and furniture with Stanley Steemer’s professional upholstery cleaning!


Stanley Steemer upholstery cleaners uses the same know-how and the same highly-effective hot-water extraction cleaning method to safely and beautifully clean your upholstered furniture that we have used for years on your carpets. Stanley Steemer of Omaha is also an expert in cleaning, preserving and protecting your beautiful leather upholstered furniture.


Regular upholstery cleaning saves money by prolonging the life of your furniture. Preserving your investment helps you continue to love it longer like you loved it the day you bought it.


Our trained technicians will carefully evaluate your furniture, the fabric and the nature of the soils and stains it has collected. We are experts in choosing just the right products and methods to insure beautifully clean results without damage to fine fabrics and upholstery. We pretreat problem areas to remove stubborn dirt and spills. To keep your furniture fresher longer, Stanley Steemer of Omaha can apply a protector to help your upholstery resist future spots and stains, and a deodorizer to fight odors at their source.


Stanley Steemer — Taking dirt out. Putting comfort in.

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